State Champs- Remedy (x)

State Champs (by Sami Wideberg Photography)
Anonymous: you like classical music as well?

yes i do c: 


Brand New by Mimi Hong on Flickr.

Quicksand/The Story So Far.

Tigers Jaw- Charmer
Anonymous: what will you be studying?

muuussiiiiicc :D classical piano

Anonymous: i adore you so much by the way ur cool

thank you awhh your anons make me happy bc i never get any c:

Anonymous: wow will you be living there alone??

Yes and no

Its like a dorm so i have my own room and bathroom and then a shared kitchen with like 15 other people


Citizen [x]

The Story So Far at Warped Tour (Wantagh, NY)
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Anonymous: why you moving to antwerp

Im going to study there :D its not really moving bc ill only be there during the week and at home in the weekends but :)